Geodesic simplifies working with spatiotemporal data on a global scale. Its decentralized model grants users the ability to reference their own data, APIs, and connections in various formats, enabling analytics at unprecedented capacities. While many platforms offer a centralized data store, Geodesic's data-agnostic approach enhances flexibility and operational scale, allowing you to use disparate sources of data at an unprecedented scale.

A data centric platform architected through a collection of scalable microservices, Geodesic streamlines the process of turning data into knowledge. It features three main components—Boson, Entanglement, and Tesseract—each essential to the platform's operation. Rather than starting with data, we begin with your use case and uncover the data that is needed to answer the question.


The Intelligent Data Mesh: Seamlessly access any data source, including challenging geospatial and spatiotemporal data through our expansive suite of standard APIs; Fully extensible through our Python SDK.


A fully version-controlled semantic knowledge graph that encodes complex relationships to answer questions you didn't know you could ask.


A planetary-scale data fusion compute engine: Integrate diverse data sources for complex AI workflows, including deep learning and advanced analytics.