Breaking Down Data Silos

Do you need data a centric solutions to collapse data silos and disparate systems?​

Streamlining Data Movement and ETL

Is copying authoritative data between systems and networks causing, data gaps, skyrocketing costs, delays in decision making, ​

Realizing Enterprise AI Ambitions

Is the promise of AI still unrealized at enterprise scale?​

Enhancing Modality in Data Workflows

Are single modality workflows leaving analyst and operators struggling to find and incorporate additional data sets ​

​Advancing Data-Centric Solutions for National Security

Geodesic provides a cutting-edge solution that aligns with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC)'s transition towards data-centric solutions. Our platform, Geodesic, embodies the shift to treating data as a product, emphasizing its availability and accessibility through a seamless Data Mesh architecture. Geodesic eliminates the need for data replication, movement, or traditional ETL processes by making data products directly accessible via APIs. Geodesic integrates a Knowledge Graph enhancing data discovery, understanding, and connectivity. This integration addresses the DoD/IC's requirement for efficient data management and discovery methods. Moreover, Geodesic is designed to operate effectively in contested Competition spaces or the Tactical Edge, accommodating environments with disconnected, disadvantaged, intermittent, or low bandwidth (D-DIL) communication architectures. Geodesic not only meets the evolving needs of the DoD/IC for a data-centric architecture but also supports the operational demands of working within challenging communication environments.​

Content Delivery Network (CDN)​

In the modern era, where organizational data holdings expand not just across departments but also across regions, accessing and ensuring the availability of this data becomes a significant challenge. SeerAI’s Data Content Delivery Network, empowered by the Boson platform, is engineered to address this very challenge.​

Pioneering Data Accessibility with P2P Network Solutions​​

Our CDN is designed with a cutting-edge Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network architecture coupled with an Intelligent Cache system, specifically tailored to eliminate latency issues. This innovative approach guarantees that your data and computational resources are readily accessible whenever and wherever they are needed, maintaining performance integrity even amidst network disruptions or in DDIL (Disconnected, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Low-bandwidth) environments.​

​Ensuring Global Data Reach with SeerAI's CDN

With SeerAI's CDN, organizations can effortlessly access data holdings located in different regions without experiencing any degradation in performance or delivery. This ensures a seamless flow of information across transregional boundaries, facilitating optimal operational efficiency and decision-making processes. Embrace a world where geographical distances and network challenges no longer hinder your data's potential with SeerAI’s Data Content Delivery Network.

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