Unlock Your GIS Workflow

Are you stuck in your current GIS workflow? ​

Seamless Data Integration Made Easy

Do you need to join data from multiple systems into a single usable layer?​

Simplify Complex ETL Processes

Are complex ETL processes, data reprojections, and reformatting consuming most of your time? ​

Overcoming Data Size and Complexity

Is the sheer size and complexity of the data limiting what you can do? ​

Navigating the AI Revolution

Are AI advancements becoming out of reach?​

Transforming GIS Workflows with Intelligent Data Mesh Technology

Geodesic revolutionizes GIS workflows by leveraging its unique Intelligent Data Mesh technology, optimized for spatiotemporal data. Geodesic eliminates the need for complex and costly ETL processes, streamlines data integration, and simplifies cumbersome data preparation. Designed to handle planetary-scale datasets, it empowers users to overcome the limitations posed by the size and complexity of data, facilitating ambitious and comprehensive projects.

Empowering Advanced Analysis with Streamlined Data Delivery

Geodesic simply presents the data you need in the format you need it and advances your advanced AI and deep learning capabilities, enabling sophisticated analysis and insights that were previously out of reach.​

Seamlessly Access & Share Your Data

Looking for Effortless Data Harmonization in GIS?

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