Maximizing Time on Data Insights

Are you tired of spending 80% of your time finding, wrangling, and formatting data to run models on?​

Direct Data to NumPy

Do you simply want the data in a NumPy array?​

Run Models at Scale Against Decentralized Data Holdings

Do you need access to data - regardless of the source?​

Empowering Your Workflows with Multi-Modal Data

Do you need a multi-modal workflow to expand your data science workflows?​

Accelerating Insights with Advanced Data Integration

Geodesic revolutionizes data preparation and analysis workflows with its Geodesic platform, dramatically reducing the time spent on data wrangling by seamlessly integrating and formatting data for immediate use in models, notably facilitating direct conversion into NumPy arrays for ease of analysis. Additionally, Geodesic's design caters to the need for multi-modal workflows, enabling the fusion of diverse data types into cohesive analyses. This comprehensive approach streamlines data science processes, allowing professionals to focus on innovation and insights rather than the intricacies of data preparation and model management​

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