SeerAI Closes $4.0 Million Seed Round to Fund Further Expansion into Geospatial-AI and Data Fusion Products

October 31, 2023

New York, New York,  October 31, 2023 — SeerAI, a leading technology company offering Geodesic, an AI analytics software and data fusion platform addressing planetary scale data, has closed a $4.0M seed round of funding led by Synovia Capital and Vertree, part of Hartree Partners with participation from existing investor Promus Ventures. Other investors include OpAmp Capital, Stellar Ventures, Bobsled Ventures and K5 Global.

This new round of capital will:

  • Deliver data fusion product enhancements, geospatial-AI coverage and customer innovation initiatives
  • Accelerate robust and reliable analytic insights supporting natural capital based solutions to climate change, sustainable resource use and commercial decarbonization
  • Enable further innovation in the technology behind the software platform that offers cutting edge spatio-temporal data mesh and knowledge graph advances for commercial and government applications

In the evolving age of AI, companies are challenged with the immense size, scale and complexity of data to extract actionable insights. This is compounded by the high costs and structural bottlenecks of working across massive data stores. Large and constantly growing geospatial data sources – including satellite and drone imagery – have been difficult to seamlessly fuse with other non-spatial data sets for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

SeerAI’s Geodesic platform enables data fusion at global scale for analysis of any form of data across any topic area to assist commercial and government agencies with their large and growing geospatial data related workflows. In climate, the Geodesic platform empowers users to integrate multiple streams of data, including best in class soil and biomass data, thereby simplifying natural capital reporting for carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, water and soil metrics.

Jeremy Fand, CEO of SeerAI, noted, “We are delighted to welcome our new lead investors, Synovia Capital and Vertree, who bring deep experience in climate technologies. Each of our new investors understand that AI success depends critically on how machine learning gets to the data, understands the data, as well as the quality of that data. The Geodesic platform already provides planetary scale Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workflows on massive disparate datasets to customers, and will continue to enhance its capabilities through this raise.”

Synovia Capital led the round. Holt Thrasher, Managing Director, “see[s] the application of SeerAI’s technology to enable access to the large amounts of siloed and disparate data available that is limiting the needed solutions to maintain the planet’s natural ecosystems and address climate risk. SeerAI’s innovative platform will allow for greater understanding of our role in environmental health and how we interact with natural resources over time.”

George Potts, Head of Climate Principal Investments at Hartree Partners, commented: “We see compelling opportunities to invest at the intersection of AI and Climate, where extremely large geospatial datasets can inform climate resilience and mitigation efforts. SeerAI has an IP-rich solution that meets the speed and scale requirement, headed by a team with the track record to execute, and a unique data fusion product to serve this vital, growing market”.

Mike Collett, Board Member of SeerAI and Managing Director of Promus Ventures, commented, “There is a void in the space stack for application businesses to harvest disparate geospatial data sources and layer sophisticated AI processes to turn this data into insights for corporations and governments worldwide. We’re excited for the strong growth SeerAI is experiencing and to expand its leadership role in data fusion and spatial temporal data mesh.” With offices in the U.S. and Europe, Promus Ventures was SeerAI’s anchor investor since its inception. Promus Ventures is focused on DeepTech early-stage startups and has invested in over 100 startups over the last decade, including such space and geospatial startups as RocketLab, ICEYE, Mapbox, Swift Navigation, Spire Global, The Exploration Company, and others.

About SeerAI

Headquartered in New York City, SeerAI is a spatiotemporal AI analytics and data fusion company. SeerAI is focused on answering planetary scale questions through our Knowledge as a Service platform called Geodesic. The Geodesic platform provides a powerful set of tools to enable organizations including data scientists and decision makers to efficiently tackle spatiotemporal questions and manage complex AI/ML workflows on a massive scale. SeerAI’s continuously growing knowledge graph of complex use cases enable customers to efficiently glean and understand insights currently not available in the market.