Bringing Spatiotemporal Data
To The AI Revolution

Geodesic is a data fusion analytics platform designed to simplify working with complex Spatiotemporal data and accelerate AI/ML driven actionable insights​

Data mesh technology to access, transform, and harmonize data.​
Knowledge graph manages connections between data to enable discovery.​
Spatiotemporal compute engine for rapid and scalable insights.​

Geodesic empowers users to answer questions they didn’t know they could ask​​

The Problem We Solve​

SeerAI isn't just a pioneer in software technology; we're at the forefront of the AI revolution. Enabled through a data centric platform powered by our intelligent data mesh, we fluidly connect data silos and disparate systems, fusing diverse data types, accelerating AI and Deep Learning at an unprecedented scale.


Spatiotemporal is hard, adding in time makes it even harder.​

Solving complex problems requires the understanding of “Where” – Space and “When” – Time (Spatiotemporal). ​ ​

We treat space time as a first-class citizen. If you remove space and time from spatiotemporal data, you’re just left with… data.​​

AI is 80% data and 20% Models​

SeerAI solves the 80%​

Deep Learning​

Multi-Year ML Temporal Analytics​

Knowledge Modeling and GNN-AI

AI Fusion Prescriptive Analytics​

ML Pattern Analytics​

Automated Predictive Modeling​

Scaled Data Fusion​

Uncover insights and unlock potential with cutting-edge spatiotemporal analytics. Our AI-driven solutions transform complex data into actionable intelligence. See how our technology can empower your decision-making.